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21 March 2014 @ 02:42 pm
JE Family...

Shounen Club Premium [2014.03.19] HQ.mp4_001165293

Kinki Kids

Shounen Club Premium [2014.03.19] HQ.mp4_001218045


Shounen Club Premium [2014.03.19] HQ.mp4_001285279


Shounen Club Premium [2014.03.19] HQ.mp4_001969496


Shounen Club Premium [2014.03.19] HQ.mp4_002056883

Tackey & Tsubasa

Shounen Club Premium [2014.03.19] HQ.mp4_002099559

Kanjani 8
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24 November 2013 @ 02:37 am
Arashi ni Shiyagare #154 [2013.11.16] HQ.avi_002564831

Arashi ni Shiyagare #154 [2013.11.16] HQ.avi_002642809
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28 April 2013 @ 01:20 pm
Kazoki Game

psycho's behind..heh
22 February 2013 @ 10:19 am
i've found this!!! ureshii!!


weet-bix! natsukashi kono episode^^,


07 September 2011 @ 01:31 am
I know it's late already but it's always better late than never :p

here are some moments of Matsujun from Arashi ni Syiagare:

remember this??? MatsuJun with Angie^^ subarashi!!

haha..JunBa there was so funny^^

soshite, love this with Udonbori-chan <3

u r my soul! soul!

happy birthday once again to Jun-kun and always be stoic!

credit as tagged^^
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The butler and the heiress

SHO Sakurai, a member of J-pop boy band Arashi, has joined the cast of Fuji TV’s upcoming drama series Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de (Solving Mystery After Dinner), reports tokyohive.com.

This is an adaptation of Tokuya Higashigawa’s award-winning mystery bestseller of the same name that was published last year.

Sakurai plays butler/chauffeur Kageyama who works for heiress Reiko Hosho (to be played by Keiko Kitagawa).

Hosho is secretly a police detective but her deductive skills are often lacking. Kageyama, who has a sharp tongue but does not suffer fools gladly, helps her solve various mysteries.

credit to: http://www.nst.com.my/articles

And found this at tumblr:

choooo ureshii!!!!!
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03 July 2011 @ 08:51 pm
1. Rock this
2. Mada minu sekai e
3. Love Rainbow
4. Always
5. Shake it ! (Jun Matsumoto's Solo)
6. Niji no Kakera ~no rain, no rainbow~
7. Dear Snow
8. Hung up on (Satoshi Ohno's Solo)
9. Joy
10. Doko ni Demo Aru Uta (Kazunari Ninomiya's Solo)
11. Negai
12. Lotus
13. Janakute (Masaki Aiba's Solo)
14. Morning light
15. To be free
16. Kono mama motto (Sho Sakurai's Solo)
17. Hatenai Sora
18. Tooku Made

p/s: looking forward ^______^
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16 June 2011 @ 10:56 pm
It's 17th!!! (JST) and of course it's our magician aka games-brat's special day^____^

p's: gomen neh Sho-kun!!! there's no pics of u on your birthday..huhu..(m___m). but others don't worry^_^

and seriously i really didn't remember where i took these pics. please let me know if both are belong to anyone of u. gomen nasai..huhu

but this one i captured by myself^__^.. credit as tagged.

16 June 2011 @ 09:47 pm

1. Intro
2. Movin' On
3. Love Rainbow
4. Troublemaker
5. Attack It!
6. Everything
7. T.A.B.O.O (Sho Sakurai's Solo)
8. Let Me Down
9. Mada Ue Wo
10. Kagero
11. Oh Yeah!
12. Shizuka na Yoru ni (Satoshi Ohno's Solo)
13. 1992*4##111 (Kazunari Ninomiya's Solo)
14. Carnival Night part2
15. One Love
16. Hadashi no Mirai
17. Fight Song
18. Yukai Tsukai Kaibutsu-kun (Satoshi Ohno's Solo)
19. Don't Stop
20. Refrain
21. Dear Snow
22. Time Capsule
23. Come Back To Me (Jun Matsumoto's Solo)
24. Magical Song (Masaki Aiba's Solo)
25. Pikanchi Double
26. Love So Sweet
27. Kotoba Yori Taisetsu na Mono
28. Believe
29. Show Time
30. Circus
31. Re(mix)able-dance
32. Monster
33. Final Greetings
34. To Be Free
35. Sora Takaku
36. Summer Splash!
37. Kitto Daijoubu
38. Happiness
39. My Girl
40. Encore Greetings
41. Hatenai Sora
42. Sakura Sake
43. Still.....

Credit to: http://alexalena.livejournal.com/4180.html
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13 June 2011 @ 07:40 pm
i've been hiatus for awile because of my laziness...XXDDD

ja! ikimshou!!!

5 days from today i'll reach 26 and Nino will turn to 29..XXDD (kanke nai deshou??)
there'll an activity which organized by Arashi Fan-Base and i'll join that since they said that i can celebrate my dAy too with Nino XDD!! KYA!!

Speaking of the devil (hahaha u guys sure know who i meant), on 7th April i went to watch Gantz. Even though there's late in report, i still want to mention it here^_^
What can i say is just that Nino's acting was superb and the story line is interesting!
For those who loved japanese movies like me will definitely fall in love with this movie and can't wait to watch the 2nd part rite?? hee

Here, some of the memories^___^

My tension is up now!!! kya!!!! just now i watched how subarashiii and sugoiii Sho-kun!!! He was playing Hatenai Sora beautifully....i really love the song as well as the freeter^____^ credit to cammie^___^

Next is Arashi's newest single which is Mada Minu Sekai e...i really love the song as well as the PV. Sho-kun with his Kamikaru's hair^___^~*hug* and Oh-chan also with atarashi hair. As i noticed, the PV is like before and after..hee..except for Jun..(riyuuuu wakannai^_^). Just love everything(^_^)

Did Sho-kun just gain weight?? he's become more chubby^__^

My Ichiban & Niban^__^

credit to yuizaki_libra for PV Making..

Sore dake..Ja, mata^^,
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